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Copied below is part of a wonderful newsletter I get from John Kremer @johnkremer . He is the BEST reference for book authors – here is his contact info: 

John Kremer, editor, Book Marketing Update newsletter
author, 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, Sixth Edition
Open Horizons, P O Box 2887, Taos NM 87571
575-751-3398; Email:

Newsletter section copied below:

Twitter matters
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~‘s Alexa rank was 169,425 in late January. On May 3rd’s Alexa rank was 89,308! That 80,000 jump was due to my Twitter activity.

As a bonus, 10% of the visitors to now come directly from Twitter. That’s about 10,000 new unique visitors each month coming from Twitter. Are you on Twitter yet? Why not?

Twitter resources:

The 30-Day Twitter Challenge (how I got 9,500 followers in three months and jumped my Alexa rank 80,000 points):

How to Get Retweeted on Twitter:

Book Marketing Tweets:

Book Marketing Twitterview:

126 Ways to Tweet:

reader success story: Twitter and blurbs

avocado21A friend of mine asks, “Are you tired of spending a lot of time on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter without getting results? Are you overwhelmed by the sheer numberof social networking web sites that experts tell you to use? Are you stressed because you know you need to use social networking web sites, but you also know that you don’t have time to spend on yet another marketing technique in hopes of getting clients? If you answered yes to any of these questions, help is here!”

Her name is Biana Babinsky, the online business expert, and she is teaching her How To Make Thousands Of Dollars Teleseminar Series starting on May 6th.

She says you will learn:

How to minimize the time you spend on social networking web sites, while maximizing your results – Which social networking web sites you should use for best results – How to integrate social networking into your overall marketing plan and much, much more!

Register for the  Teleseminar Series now at Make Thousands Of Dollars With Social Networking Series

And if you are local to Fairfield, Iowa, I give private consulting sessions on these same subjects. Feel free to contact me directly.

cover_101_tips_2003As a best-selling author, her books have sold over 300,000 copies and been translated into over 14 languages. Do you know Ellen Finkelstein? Twitter her @efinkelstein

Do you use PPT in your business?
  Do you feel your PowerPoint presentations are not as professional as they could be? 

One of her books is this concise, content-rich 101 Tips Every PowerPoint User Should Know.  It is 100+ pages, fully illustrated with bonus chapters on keyboard shortcuts, image tips, and design tips. Instant download PDF, p on Creating a Timer in PowerPoint, including the PowerPoint file! And it’s only $15!

I’ve used PowerPoint for years – thought I knew it all – but I learned new things in almost every tip. I’m sure you will, too. For example:

  • #6 Import text for an entire presentation or for several slides
  • #16 Align text around a decimal point
  • #22 Quickly replace one font with another
  • #67 Extract sound files from a narrated PowerPoint presentation
  • #90 Add flexibility to your handouts by sending to WORD
  • #91 Protect your presentation

So there you go – another creative helping from on the beach – enjoy!

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lovely video to share

How am I supposed to get any work done with all these birds outside my window? Did I mention they were REALLY loud? Seems the red-wing blackbirds love my trees.

twitter-search-logoQuestion #1: “It seems that the only people who follow me are competitors… Again, not sure I see the point of this.  From what I can tell from the posts and posters, this is a portal for procrastination and trading free advice.  Please find me some evidence that twitter actually is revenue producing.”

I’d like to first address the topic of competition vs cooperation.

Here’s a bit from

Hostile cooperation, on the other hand, is what exists between competitors. This may seem paradoxical, yet there is a good reason why competitors often cooperate with each other: the rewards are greater. For example, if everyone fights for a piece of the pie, then the fight may become so costly that the pie will be nearly gone when it comes time to divide it. It’s much better to forget the fight and come to an agreement from the very beginning.

As with competition, a moderated desire to cooperate is natural and healthy. Those with non-cooperative natures would have very low survival rates, as would those who cooperated so much that they did not look out after their own self-interests in a competitive world. It is for this reason that people take a healthy enjoyment in belonging to a group, practicing teamwork, helping others, etc.

What I have found through the years (got a few under my belt mind you) is you have to let other people know who you are and how you differ from others in the same field –  and let people go with the person that feels like the best fit.

There’s no reason to try to compete. There is plenty for everyone. If someone feels there is not enough to go around, then they might try harder and wear themselves out with that type of competitive spirit.

Don’t get me wrong, competition is a good thing – it provides the fuel to be better, but to not join the game (Twitter) because it is competitive would have you miss out on all the fun of finding new people who relate to YOU. They can’t be your new client if they don’t know about you.

To quote a bit from my son’s book, The Sharp Knife of Forced Simplicity Vol. 1: the Numinous Rebellion

“If there were one bad habit I could liberate the world of, it would be scarcity thinking. I believe this outlook has caused more damage (and caused more scarcity!) than any other factor known to humanity.”
                                          ~Ron Khare

People are making money through Twitter – the stories are there – just be open to seeing it. A good source of information is @mashable especially this post: 

I talk to people almost everyday who are making new connections on Twitter and many of those are turning into new customers. I don’t think the question is can you make money on Twitter – now it’s – how much money can you make on Twitter.

I would love to hear your stories.

As you find more and more people who resonate with you – your sales will grow as long as you stay current and available (and have something to sell!).

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